Company Profile

Our Company is one of the most well-known gambling cheating device suppliers in China. We are dedicated to all kinds of poker devices for manufacturing, distribution, and related services, such as various kinds of marked playing cards, contact lenses, poker analyzers, poker camera lenses and so on.

The company was established in 2010. It is located in Guangzhou, which is a typical developed city in South China. Close to the Baiyun International Airport, it is very convenient to be here. You can shuttle Hong Kong and Macao easily where they are located so close to Guangzhou. Guangzhou city is also well-known as the origin of playing poker cards. Therefore, if you travel in China some day, make sure visit Guangzhou and you can personally test our products.

Our R&D Team

Our company has employed 100 skillful personnel and built our factory equipped with higher-standard operation and professionals. The company supplies many kinds of marked playing cards for your inference. There are two materials of cards, paper and plastic. Both enjoy good population among poker cards suppliers. Besides, we have a team which is specialized in researching and developing cheating software of poker analyzers. Meanwhile, we accept the customization of various camera lens in line with your specific needs. With our efforts and excellent service, we have become a reliable and trustworthy enterprise all over the world.

Our Main Products

Our main products are marked cards and other poker cheating devices such as poker analyzer, camera lens, contact lenses and IR sunglasses. Those products are suitable for playing Texas Omaha hold'em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Flush and other poker games. We also offer mahjong tools, like automatic mahjong table with cheating program, invisible ink marked mahjong tiles, monitoring mahjong system. In addition, dice gambling cheating devices are included in our business scope. Remote control dice, electronic dice and many other dices are useful for cheating. Except the above-mentioned standard products, we also provide an extensive rage of customization service in order to cater for your special orders. Fox example, we can design our products to match with your casino layout.

Our Franchisees and Collaborators

Our company is also firming ties with our domestic and foreign franchisees to better meet needs from different customers all over the world. We are experienced in selling goods to overseas such as USA, Britain, Russia, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Australia and Japan. We have always been cooperating with IMS (International Magicians Society). We offer them our magic contact lenses and marked cards for their magic shows. Why they can know suits and points of those cards before? Our magic contact lenses can reveal this mystery for you.

Our After-sales Service

Meanwhile, we offer warranty on the products, the implementation of sales tracking services, and wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers coming guidance.The products are advanced with the times. We are ready to innovate and develop more advanced technology for gambling. can lead you to a successful road.