Cheating Methods List
AKK A2 Poker Analyzer in Hot SellingAKK A2, our latest poker analyzer, is in hot selling now. If you are interested in it, you can refer to the following parts: Descriptions: ( 1 ) appearance: Nokia 6 plussmart phone ( 2 ) material: imitated metal ( 3 ) color: dark blue, dark
Power Bank Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerWe have many different power bank barcoded playing cards scanners for sale, which all have a concealed poker camera lens installed inisde. Scanning distance: The scanning distance between poker camera lens and barcoded playing cards cards i
Gambling Table with Hidden Scanning CamerasWe have two types of for sale:one is contact lenses and the other is sunglasses. By wearing the corresponding gambling perspective spectacles, you will be able to see invisible IR, UV or luminous marks on playing cardsbacks. The contact len
Car Key Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerWe usually produce our barcoded playing cards scanners by installing poker camera lens(es) in those items that people would take along them, such as car key. Scanning distance: The scanning distance between poker camera lens and barcoded pl
Back Marked Cards Perspective GlassesWe can turn normal glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, into perspective glasses, with which you can see through back marked cards processed by infrared ink, ultraviolet ink or luminous ink. For more information about the perspective sun
AKK A2 Better Than AKK A1AKK A1 is an amazing poker soothsayerr, but its new rival, AKK A2, the latest poker soothsayerr launched by our company, is even better. Compared with AKK A1, AKK A2 is more attractive in appearance and more powerful in function.
Cigarette Box Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerApart from lighter and ashtray, our cigarette box is also a good choice as a barcoded playing cards scanner for thepoker players who like to smoke cigarettes while playing poker. Scanning distance: The scanning distance between the poker ca
Marked Cards Perspective SpectaclesWe have two types of marked cards perspective spectacles for sale, one is contact lenses and the other is sunglasses, both of which can enable you to see through back marked cards processed by IR, UV or luminous invisible ink. The contact l
Ashtray Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerWe can turn ashtrays of different types into barcoded playing cards scanners by installing one or two poker cameras into them. Scanning distance: The scanning distance between the poker camera(s) and barcoded playing cards is 20 to 40cm. Sc
Dice Shaker Scanning SystemOur dice shaker scanning system can let you know gambling results in advance in dice games. Its made up of four parts:normal dice, a dice shaker, a special cellphone and a remote control. The dice shaker, which can be a dice cup, a dice bow
Lighter Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerOur lighter barcoded playing cards scanner, with a single poker camera lens to scan barcoded playing cards, is avaiable in different brands and styles. Scanning distance: The scanning distance between the poker camera lens and barcoded play
Best Poker AnalyzerDo you know what poker analyzer is the best poker winner predicting system? Its AKK A2 -- the latest poker analyzer so far in the market! If you want to learn something about it, please refer to the next part: AKK A2 is a real smart cellpho
Wrist Strap Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerOur wrist strapbarcoded playing cards scanner, witha single poker camera lens to scan barcodedplayingcards, isintended for poker dealers. Scanning distance: The poker cameralensinstalled on the wrist strapis only capable of scanning the bar
Aviator Playing/Marked Cards on SaleAviator is a well-known, classic and trusted poker brand with a long rich history. It was originally introduced back in 1927 to commemorate Charles Lindberghs Trans-Atlantic flight aboard the Spirit of St. Louis. The Aviator playing cards,
Bead Bracelet Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerOur bead braceletbarcoded playing cards scanner is intended just for poker dealers. It hasa single poker camera lens to scan barcode playing cards. Scanning distance: Thepokercamera lens is only capable of scanning the barcoded playing card
What Can AKK A2 Let You KnowOur AKK A2 is one of the latest poker predicting systems in the market. It can predict poker results before dealing cards in different ways. First, it can tell you the best pokerhand: if itreports 3,it means that the third player has the be
Watch Barcoded Playing Cards ScannerOur watch barcoded playing cards scanner have a single poker camera lens to scan barcode marked cards. Some are intended for poker dealers, while others are intended for poker players. Scanning distance: The former ones have a poker camera
AKK A2 Poker Analyzing DeviceAKK A2, with a poker cheating camera installed inside, is one of the best all-in-one poker analyzing devices so far in the market. For detailed information about it, you may refer to the following parts: Exquisite in appearance: ①exterior
Perspective Table for Poker Monitoring SystemOur perspective table monitoring system can allow you to see normal playing cards faces while you play poker. The perspective table has been t installed with our special poker cameras. When you play poker, turn on the cameras, and then they
Poker Analyzer AKK A1AKK A1, with a poker camera installed inside, isone of our latestall-in-one poker analyzingsystems. For more information about it, please refer to the following parts: Appearance: fashionable, attractive, exquisite and elegant Exterior desi
Poker Analyzing SystemA pokeranalyzingsystemisusually made up offour parts:barcoded playing cards, a scanner, an analyzerand an earpiece.You can approach us for the whole system or any of its components. Barcoded Playing Cards: We can process normal playing card
Poker Camera with Super Wide Scanning RangeThe poker camera with super wide scanning range can scan all the barcode marked cards contained in a transparent Baccarat poker shoe. The pokercamera lensis usually hidden in a power bank or a handbag. Turn on the poker camera lens, direct
Amazing Poker Predicting DeviceModel number: AKK A2 Exterior design: Nokia 6 plus mobile phone Language: English Overall size: 162.8 x 85.4 x 8.7 mm screen Screen size: 5.5 inches Material: imitated metal Color: dark blue, black Scanning distance: 20 _ 55cm Scanning widt
Marked Playing CardsWe are a professional producer of poker cheating devices, boasting advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to make marked playing cards . We can process regular playing cards into marked playing cards for perspective contact lenses,
Baccarat Poker-Switching TableOur Baccarat poker-switching can help you win money in gambling secretly! There is nothing special about the Baccarat cheating table except for a poker switcher installed inside the tabletop, which is so concealable that you dont need to wo
Ceiling Light Poker Scanner for Back Marked CardsWe haveturnedceiling lights of different typesinto poker scannersby installing themwith a concealed poker camera lens, which can scan corresponding one-to-one back marked cards and then make the invisible marks visible on the backstage moni
Money-Making Devices for GamblingWe can provide you with various kinds of money-making devices, which can help you become a big winner in different forms of gambling like poker games, dice games, Mahjong games and Domino games. poker games marked cards ( Aviator, Bee, Bicy
How to Cheat in Poker GamesIf you want to cheat in such poker games as Omaha and Texas holdem, you can choose any of the following cheating sets: 1. poker analyzer system; 2. poker monitoring system; 3. perspective glasses set. A poker analyzer system usually consist
High Quality Marked Playing Cards by EYEPCCWe can process normal playing cards of different countries, like China, the US, Russia, Spain and Italy, into marked playing cards. We use advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to print marks on normal playing cards in fours ways:
Poker Scanners Available in Various TypesOur poker scanners are available in various types. Have a look at the following list, some of them may arouse your interest! poker scanner for back marked cards TV set, security camera, smoke detector, wall clock, ceiling lamp, LED light..
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