100% Cellulose Acetate Plastic KEM Arrow Marked Cards

The KEM Arrow poker playing cards are made from 100% cellulose acetate plastic. As we know, most of regular playing cards are made from paper or cardboard. Even some are plastic coated, the coating is very thin so that it will wear off quickly and the paper based playing cards turn to mush easily. Compared with other poker cards, the KEM arrow poker cards will last up to 50 times, which a is an economic choice for players. Moreover, cellulose acetate has more snap and shape retention than other materials of poker cards. 
With rich experience and good workmanship, we are able to process the KEM Arrow cards into marked cards special for poker playing cards gamble cheat. There are three kinds of KEM Arrow marked cards mainly supplied in our company: back marked cards for contact lenses, side marked cards to be read by the poker analyzers and the other back marked cards for spy camera lenses reading. The same as the common KEM poker cards, there are four colors of KEM Arrow marked cards: red, blue, black and golden, and they have both regular and poker size with jumbo or bridge index. 
In order to have a further understanding of this kind of marked cards, I will share it as follows: 
100% Cellulose Acetate Plastic KEM Arrow Back Marked Cards for Contact Lenses 
The KEM Arrow back marked cards should work with the IR/ UV contact lenses for poker cheating gambling. The marks standing for suits and values will be invisible from our naked eyes and only the special lenses like IR/UV contact lenses or IR/ UV sunglasses can read them. Moreover, the contact lenses are harmless to our eyes so that you can feel relieved to wear them even for a long time. Besides, your eyes’ color will not be changed when you wear those lenses. Of course, we have different diameter of lenses( ranging from 4mm to 12mm) for your wearing, so you can choose suitable one for your eyes. By using these devices in poker games, you will get more chances to win.
100% Cellulose Acetate Plastic KEM Arrow Side Marked Cards for Poker Analyzers 
The KEM Arrow poker cards can be specially designed into the side marked cards for knowing the poker results in advance. Used for poker gambling, these marked cards need to work with a camera lens and a poker analyzer. And the camera lens can be hidden inside a car key, a lighter or a cell phone so you can put it on the poker table without any suspicion. After the camera lens reads the marked cards, it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that is able to analyze the poker result you need accurately at a high speed. Knowing the poker result before dealing cards, you will make a betting or fold with lowest risk. In the end, poker winning will be increased largely. 
100% Cellulose Acetate Plastic KEM Arrow Back Marked Cards for Spy Camera Lenses
The cellulose acetate plastic KEM arrow back marked cards are special for spy camera lenses reading, so other readers like analyzer camera lens or IR lenses fail to recognize this kind of marked cards. The spy camera will read the marks on cards by a very quick and clearly way. It will send the information of cards to the TV on backstage. From screen, you will see the marks clearly. The camera is able to support 3/4G or WIFI to send the signal to the TV. Moreover, the levels of definition of this camera can be 360P, 720P and 1080P. The higher level is, the more clearer you can see. By using those devices for poker games, you will catch more chances to master games under your control. 
In addition, we have an extensive custom service, please tell us your requirements if you have other needs about cards marking!