100% Plastic Copag 1546 Marked Playing Cards Red & Blue

In poker cheating gamble cheat, the marked playing cards can be tactfully applied to this filed. In today’s lecture, I will share our 100% plastic Copag 1546 marked playing cards with you.
This kind of cards can be specially processed with different marked playing cards in line with different poker cheating conditions. There are main marked cards for IR/UV readers, the barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system and back marked cards for spy camera system cheating. No matter which kind of marked playing cards you use, they will enable you to win as much as you can. The Copag 1546 marked playing cards are made of an exclusively engineered PVC plastic so that they are more durable and washable than the paper marked playing cards. With high quality and good cards marking skills, the marked cards still keep good hand feel and smooth finish the same as those of original cards even if marked. There are Bridge sized and Poker sized with Blue and Red design decks for Regular Index or Jumbo Index.

Copag marked playing cards are compared to KEM cards at 60% of the cost. Try them, they will convince you there are no other reasonable options for quality 100% plastic cards. With the help of them, you will get more chances to succeed at many poker games.