100% Plastic Da Vinci Club Casino Marked Cards Green/Yellow

The common Da Vinci Club Casino poker cards can be designed as the marked cards for cards playing cheating. As a kind of world’s finest playing cards, the 100% plastic Da Vinci playing cards are designed and manufactured in Italy by Modiano. These cards use the finest plastic to make, which is comparable with other plastic poker cards. Da Vinci Club Casino playing cards will not scratch, tear, or crease under normal playing conditions. With durable and washable characteristics, a properly cared for deck will last for years and years. The set is bridge size jumbo index cards.
As for the Da Vinci Club Casino marked poker cards, there are three options for your choices: Da Vinci Club Casino back marked cards for IR/UV readers, Da Vinci Club Casino side marked cards to be read by poker analyzers and Da Vinci Club Casino back marked cards read from spy camera lenses. These marked cards enable you to master poker games by means of a easier and secret way. There are greens and yellows, and the colors printed brilliantly on back will impress you with their good design. In order to offer you a way to know the Da Vinci marked poker cards clearly, I will share them respectively as follows:
Da Vinci Club Casino Back Marked Cards for IR/ UV Readers
The Da Vinci Classio marked poker cards are printed with the luminous marks on back, and the marks representing suits and values are unrecognized by our naked eyes. You can read them as long as you have a pair of IR/UV readers. The readers used for reading the marks include IR contact lenses, UV contact lenses, IR sunglasses and UV sunglasses. In poker cheating, choosing a pair of IR contact lenses for reading marked cards is a very ideal way to master the game easily. You are able to read the marks clearly even if the cards face down while other players can not. As regards the contact lenses, they will not do any harm to your eyes. With considerate design, they will not change your original eyes’ color so that others will not find any clue. Of course, if you are wondering that someone may be shortsighted, please assured that we will design suitable ones tailored to you. There are different diameters of lenses for your inference: ranging from 4mm to 6mm. By taking this good advantage to play games, you will win as much as you can. 
Da Vinci Club Casino Side Marked Cards with Poker Analyzers
Da Vinci Club Casino side marked cards are specially designed to be read by camera lenses and decoded by the poker analyzers. The bar codes printed on edge of cards are invisible from human’s naked eyes. When you hold a home game, you can use these devices to help you win easily. Usually, the camera lens will be disguised as a routine item such as a car key, a lighter or a cell phone. With this good advantage, it will scan the cards without any suspicion from other players. After the camera reads the side marked cards, it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that has powerful capability to decode the bar codes. Within 0.1S, it will analyze the poker result as you expect. This analyzer will analyze different forms of poker results in line with games’ rules. For example, in Texas Holdem, it is able to report the best winner hand, the second winner hand, flop, turn or river. With the help of these tools, there is no big problem for you to master the games under your control. 
Da Vinci Club Casino Back Marked Cards Read by Spy Camera Lenses 
Da Vinc Classico back marked cards can be excellent for many poker games like Blackjack, Omaha and Texas Holdem. This kind of back marked cards fail to be read by the IR/UV readers, and only the spy camera lenses can read them. When you use them with spy camera lenses at games, you will catch more chances to wager with more winnings. The spy camera can read cards quickly and then the marks will be shown on a TV clearly. Knowing the poker face in advance, you will play confidently in each section. In the end, your losses will be lowered to the bottom line. 
The Da Vinci Club Casino marked poker cards are excellent for poker playing games. In addition to the finished marked cards, we also have extensive custom service. Please contact us if you have any other requirements!