7 mm Red IR Contact Lenses at Poker Cheat

We have mentioned the IR contact lenses before. Today, I will share the 7mm red IR contact lenses that are suitable for those people who have black eyes.

7mm red IR contact lenses are good used for black eyes to read
marked cards. The red lens whose diameter is 7mm will not change your original eyes’ color and it is perfect to cover your pupil and iris. With comfortable and unique features, it will not affect your normal sight even if you are driving a car at night. If your are black-eyed, the 7mm red IR contact lenses are excellent for card playing cheating. The 7mm red IR contact lenses have the ability to recognize the invisible marks on the back of cards so that you can read the point and suit of each card from IR lenses and then make the right decision on each round of betting. Those lenses bring much convenience and profits to you, which increases the maximum benefits and lowers your losses to the bottom line.

Many poker games are available for the perfect 7mm red IR contact lenses, and just use them to enhance your winning.