A Magic Pen with Luminous Ink to Mark Cards

If you have bought some marked cards from us, do you have a doubt whether you can mark cards by yourself. Of course, you can. If you have the magic pen and invisible ink, you don’t need to purchase marked cards from our company so that you can save a lot time and money. We can offer you the technology and skill to mark cards by the magic pen and invisible ink.

magic pen can mark the invisible ink on the back cards. You can mark letters or numbers that you can recognize easily. Those marks are able to withstand ravages of time so that can stay a long time on the back of cards. The marks with luminous ink are invisible from the naked eyes. The are unique for our IR contact lenses. If you cannot master the shill or technology to mark cards by yourself, we are willing to give your guidance or service. The cards printed with the luminous ink on the back by yourself can help you get better results in poker gambling cheat.

Marking cards by magic pen with luminous ink, you will get much favorable earnings from the poker cheat. It will give you to have a good understanding to master the cheating skills. If you would like to have a magic pen with the invisible ink, please tell us.