AKK A2 Better Than AKK A1

AKK A1 is an amazing poker soothsayerr, but its new rival, AKK A2, the latest poker soothsayerr launched by our company, is even better. Compared with AKK A1, AKK A2 is more attractive in appearance and more powerful in function.
1.It features fashionable, exquisite and elegant exterior design of the Nokia 6 Plus, much thinner and lighter than AKK A1.
2.It can scan barcode marked cards within 20 to 55cm away, much further than AKK A1.
3.It can scan barcode marked cards in a much wider range than AKK A1 -- about 30cm from left to right.
4.It can scan barcode marked cards more quickly, accurately and stably than AKK A1.
5.Its whole system runs in a more smooth way than that of AKK A1.
6.Unlike AKK A1 whose battery is irremovable, AKK A2’s battery can be taken out for charging.
If you are interested in our AKK A2 poker soothsayerr, please feel free to approach us for it.