AKK K20 Poker Analyzer Tells You Poker Results

Except the IR contact lenses or sunglasses directly used in poker cheating, poker analyzers are intensively applied to gambling. AKK K20 poker analyzer is a very powerful device among cheating equipments.
AKK K20 poker analyzer as a powerful poker analyzing device can read and analyze barcode marked cards at a high speed. Together with marked cards and camera lens, it can tell you result you need. It can read cards one by one.  In addition to this, the first winner hand, the second winner hand, even rank of each poker hand can be known in advance according to your settings. Meanwhile, it can tell you the suits and values of flop if you need. With the help of K20 analyzer, winning games will become very easy even you will become a rich man overnight.
If you want to win the games all the time, K20 analyzer is a good choice for you. This is a very high-efficiency cheating device and you will have unbelievable harvest. If you interest in, just contact us.