Automatic Identification Poker Software

The automatic identification poker software is specially designed to read the non marked cards. This device is suitable for those games such as Texas, Omaha and Baccarat. With this powerful device for your games cheating, the winning can be mastered under your control in an easier and successfully manner.
Operation of poker software at games
The automatic identification poker cheating software can be installed in a Iphone mobile. Compared with other poker cheating devices, it works with the non marked cards. There is a camera lens hidden in the phone to read suit and value on a corner of card. No matter what you shuffle, deal or riffle the cards, this automatic identification poker software will read the cards’ information with 100% accuracy. It can not read the each card’s suit and value but also analyze the best winner hand to you directly. Then, you will can make betting without any risk.
Efficient and automatic identification
With powerful reading function, the camera can read 8 decks and the software has powerful ability to analyze the final result you expect. All cards can be read without any mistake. The reading operation can finish within 0.1second, so that it will aid your games cheating operated in an efficient way.
Support Iphone Cell Phones
In order to read 8 decks accurately and speedily, the poker software need to be installed in Iphone mobiles so that all cards can be read at a time speedily. This Iphone set enjoys powerful reading function to read non marked cards. No matter how you deal, shuffle or riffle, the cards can be read automatically and clearly.
Games available
This poker software is suitable for Texas, Omaha and Baccarat. You can use it for many cards playing occasions such as Wold Poker Tour, poker cheat in cards game, gamble cheat in all poker games, casino Games, poker match, private cards game, club cards games, magic show of marked playing cards.
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