Aviator Heritage Marked Playing Cards

The Aviator Heritage marked playing cards mainly service as the poker cheating tools to offer players useful ways to win easily. They can be processed into four types to meet different cheating needs. Working with different devices, there are back marked cards for IR/UV readers, edge marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards for spy camera and laser marked cards for laser spy camera reading.
The Aviator Heritage brand is poker size with standard index. Made in USA, they were designed by a USPC custom designer. Their vintage look and paper texture have really appealed to many players. They are cool looking, durable and nicely made. After marking, the marks will not leave any flaw on cards and they can last on cards for a long time. They are ideal cards for shuffling, dealing and holding well. As long as you have these marked cards, winning will be mastered under your control in an easier way. In order to give you a further understanding of the marked cards, I will share them with you respectively as follows:
Aviator Heritage Back Marked Playing Cards for IR/UV Readers 
This kind of marked playing cards marked with the luminous marks by the invisible ink pen or high-tech printer are specially read by the IR/UV readers. The readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact Lenses and UV sunglasses will be excellent for reading marks clearly. As long as you wear any pair of readers, there is no any problem for you to see marks on cards even if the cards face down. It is worthwhile to mention that the contact lenses that the best device for reading this kind of marked cards in a such a secret and effective way. They will not bring any side effect to your eyes and you can wear them up to 8 hours. There are different sizes of colored lenses for your options. They vary from 4mm to 12 mm, and you can select suitable pair for poker cheat. Further more, the contact lenses will not change your original eyes’ color too much so that you can rest assured to use them for poker playing cheating. 
Aviator Heritage Edge Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer System
The Aviator Heritage edge marked playing cards are for poker analyzer system cheat. This system consists of a camera lens, a poker analyzer, edge marked cards and a wireless earpiece. For the purpose of a concealable poker cheat, the camera can be hidden inside a car key, a mobile phone, a lighter or other items in our daily life. Reading the bar codes on cards secretly and quickly, the camera will complete its reading function perfectly and then send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that has powerful analyzing function to report the final result you need by the earpiece. The analyzer can not only report the suits and points one by one, but also tell you the first winner hand, the second winner hand or other results in line with you needs. Knowing the poker result before cards dealt, you will make a betting or fold without any risk. At the end of the games, the bankroll on the poker table will belong to you increasingly.
Aviator Heritage Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera 
This marked set is for spy camera lens reading and other poker readers like analyzer camera lens or contact lenses can not recognize. Like invisible ink marked cards for IR/UV readers, the Aviator Heritage back marked cards are printed with luminous marks on back. The marks standing for suits and values, they can be read clearly by the spy camera. Usually, the spy camera is fixed in a belt, a lamp or other our routine items to read the cards without any suspicion from other players. With powerful reading function, the marked cards will be scanned accurately at any degree by the spy camera, and then the information of cards will be sent to a TV on backstage, and from TV screen, you will see the marks clearly. By taking this chance to know the poker face of next card in advance, you will be able to decide how to play well in the following poker sections. In the end, your losses will be lowered to the bottom line. 
Aviator Heritage Laser Marked Playing Cards for Laser Spy Camera
The Aviator Heritage laser marked playing cards for laser camera reading are the latest marked poker cards researched and developed. By marking with high technology and sophisticated skills, these marked cards will not be checked by other scanners and only the laser spy camera can recognize them. Used at poker games, the laser will read the cards and then you will see the marks shown on a TV on backstage clearly. Knowing poker face in advance, you will have more chances to decide to making a betting or fold sensibly and confidently. In the end, winning will be increased largely. 
The Aviator Heritage marked playing cards are ideal for Texas, Omaha, Blackjack and many other poker games. In addition to the finished products, we have an extensive custom service. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in them!