Back Marked Cards Perspective Glasses

We can turn normal glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, into perspective glasses, with which you can see through back marked cards processed by infrared ink, ultraviolet ink or luminous ink. For more information about the perspective sunglasses, you may refer to the following parts:
① choice: infrared/ultraviolet/luminous sunglasses
② material: plastic
③ style: fashionable style, classic style
④ color: red, brown, blue...
⑤ target users: men and women
contact lenses:
① choice: infrared/ultraviolet/luminous contact lenses
② version: Chinese version, American version, Korean version
③ water content: 42%
④ center thickness: 0.09 mm ( -3.00D pm )
⑤ center width : 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm
⑥ base curve: 8.4 mm
⑦ oxygen permeability coefficient: 9.5DK
⑧ lens dioptre: -1.00D - 10.00D ( -6.00D 0.50D above each level )
⑨ lens degree: according to your requirement
⑩ color: black, brown, green, blue, purple 
We have a large stock of back marked cards perspective glasses, capable of providing you with the sunglasses or the contact lenses anytime you want. So, if you have needs, welcome to contact us!