Bead Bracelet Barcoded Playing Cards Scanner

Our bead bracelet barcoded playing cards scanner is intended just for poker dealers. It has a single poker camera lens to scan barcode playing cards.
Scanning distance:

The poker camera lens is only capable of scanning the barcoded playing cards cards caught in your hand.
Scanning ability:
The poker camera lens can scan barcoded playing cards quickly, collect all the cards’ information accurately and transfer the collected data to a poker analyzer immediately -- CVK, AKK, PK King or MDA...
Good concealment:
The poker camera lens is hidden in one of the beads, so concealable that nobody else will be able to discover its existence.
Different styles:

Our bead bracelet barcoded playing cards scanner is available in two styles: jade beads and wooden beads, both of which are suitable for man and women.

If you want to buy our bead bracelet barcoded playing cards scanner, welcome to contact us!