Belt Camera Reading Marked Tiles on Mahjong, Domino,Paigow

The belt spy camera is very useful in Mahjong, Domino and Paigow game. If you have an intent of winning in those games, just have a try to use this device for winning with more odds. 
The spy camera is special for reading the invisible ink marked tiles of Mahjong, Domino and Paigow. The belt camera system is mainly composed of a spy camera, invisible ink marked tiles and TV on backstage. After the belt spy camera reading the marked tiles, the information of tiles will be conveyed to the TV. And then your partner can read the result shown by a video. The tiles’ face can be show clearly on screen. Knowing the result before the tiles face up is a big advantage for you to play the following sections or wager without blindness. In the end, the winning can be mastered by you in an easier way.
If you have an interest in our belt camera lens, please have a try to use it to enhance your winning at Mahjong, Domino or Paigow game.