Belt Camera Reading the Marks on Mahjong, Domino or Paigow

The game of Mahjong, Domino, and Paigow are well welcome by many players in the world. We have mentioned that the marks on the back of tiles can be read by special contact lenses, while sometimes it is not easy for you to read the marks clearly by this kind of device. Therefore, we have develop a more powerful tool in those games. That is the belt camera.

The belt has a spy camera built-in and nobody will find this secret. This
belt camera is specially designed for reading the marks on the back of Mahjong, Domino, and Paigow tiles, and our naked eyes and IR contact lenses can not identify those marks, so this is very safe for you. After the belt reading the marks, it will send the results to the TV or your phone, so you can know the specific tiles easily. Therefore, the games will be under your control effortlessly.

The belt camera is a powerful for reading the marks on tiles. And with this effective cheating device, you will win the games with a great possibility and build up the confidence in front of your friends and peer players. If you are interested in it, please call or email us at any time.