Belt Camera for Reading Back Marked Cards

In cards cheating, the camera lens can be hidden in many items in our daily life such as a lighter, a lamp or a TV.  In today’s lecture, I will share our belt camera for reading back marked cards.
The belt camera is very good for reading the back marked cards that are different from the these marked cards for IR/UV readers reading. The back marked cards are invisible from our naked eyes and other scanners like IR/UV readers or poker analyzer scanners fail to recognize. During the game, just turn on the belt camera and it will read the back marked cards clearly at a high speed. Then, the information of cards will be sent to a computer on backstage. Finally, you will read the poker face on screen clearly. Knowing the suit or point in advance, you can decide how to play the following poker sections without any risk. In the end, winning odds will be enhanced to the largest extent.
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