Belt Mini Camera to Read Marks on Tiles

Unlike the IR contact lenses to read the marks on the back of Mahjong, Domino and Paigow tiles, we have developed a more powerful and effective cheating device for reading marks on those tiles. This useful equipment is the belt mini camera.

There is a mini poker cheat inside the belt. The belt mini camera has a good concealment to cheat because it will not draw others’ attention at all. The
belt mini camera can read the marks on the back of tiles. Those marks are only special for the belt camera reading so they can not be seen from the IR contact lenses, naked eyes or other cheating devices. From the TV in another room, your partner will know the all tiles. As long as you know the results in advance, winning those games will be easier for you. You can go on or fold in accordance with the results. The belt hidden camera can be taken good use by yourself.

The belt mini poker cheat camera is very useful to read the marks on tiles clearly and help you win the Mahjong, Domoni and Paigow in an easier way. If you have a demand for this kind of device, please don’t hesitate to contact us.