Best AKK Series of Poker Analyzer at Casino Gamble

The AKK series of poker analyzers enjoy powerful function and good price for card playing gambling. They can be classified into two kinds: K20 poker analyzer and K30 poker analyzer. Now, I will share both of them for your casino gambling. 
K20 Poker Analyzer 
This is a single poker analyzer. When you use it in cheating, you need to add a camera lens and barcode marked cards to work with it. After the camera reads the marked cards, it will send the information of cards to the K20 poker analyzer that has strong capability to decode the codes of cards and analyze the poker result you need. It is suitable for many casino games such as Texas, Omaha, Blackjack and Flush. 
K30 Poker Analyzer
The K30 poker analyzer is an all-in-one device that has its built-in camera, so there is no need to add other camera lenses to work with it. This good advantage is able to ensure the cheating to be operated more secretly in a highly efficient way. Reading the barcode marked cards at a high speed and decoding the cards without any mistake, the K30 poker analyzer will report the final result to you within 0.3S. Like the K20 poker analyzer, many poker games are available for this poker analyzer. 
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