Best Casino TV Long Distance Scanner to Read Marked Cards

As regards the scanning distance of the poker analyzer camera scanners, they can be classified into two types: long distance scanner and short distance scanner. In poker cheating, they will be disguised as a common item in our daily life. I will share the best casino TV long distance scanner for reading the bacode marked cards accurately. 
The best casino TV long distance camera lens is specially designed to read the bacode marked cards in poker analyzer system cheating. This kind of scanner can read the cards at the range of 6 meters. It is a HD camera, so there is no problem for it to read the cards at any angle. Besides, there is a remote control to help you adjust its scanning distance at a proper range to ensure the cards to be scanned clearly. In cheating, it works with a poker analyzer to finish the cheating smoothly, and any kind of poker analyzers are suitable for it. Of course, it can be also set to one to one device for your analyzer for a more secret cheating. Reading the cards with 100% accuracy, the TV long distance scanner work efficiently and speedily at gambling.  
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