Bet Spy Camera Reading Marked Cards

The spy camera lens can be fixed secretly inside many our routine items such as a lamp, a belt or a CCTV camera to read the cards. In this section, I will share our spy belt spy camera lens with you. 
There is no doubt that a spy camera lens has been installed inside the belt. Your belt is available to be processed by us. With the advantages of good concealment and mini size, the spy camera lens will not be suspected by other players at all. Used at poker cheat, the belt spy camera lens is specially designed to read the back marked cards that are invisible from IR readers and our naked eyes. Reading the cards with 100% accuracy at a high speed, the camera will send the information of cards to the TV on backstage. The marks will show clearly on TV screen. Knowing the poker face of next cards in advance, you are able to play following sections sensibly confidently. Of course, poker winning will be enhanced to the largest degree. 
If you have an interest in our spy camera lens, please contact us for more details!