Black Box Long Distance Camera in Poker Analyzer System

Are you looking for a useful camera lens for your poker analyzer at a longer distance cheating? If yes, our Black box long distance camera is a good choice for you. 
A long distance camera lens can be fixed inside the black box for poker cheat. The black box long distance camera can meet a longer distance gamble cheating in a poker room. It can read the side marked cards at a range of 1-6 meters. Used in game, it need to work with a poker analyzer. With the high efficiency to read the side marked cards with 100% accuracy, it will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed. The camera is a HD camera, so there is no problem for it to read the cards accurately even in a dim room. In addition, it can support any kind of poker analyzers in the world. With this excellent camera for your poker analyzer, you are able to master the game smoothly. 
We can customize this long distance camera as well, and if you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.