CVK 350 Poker Analyzer for Flush Gamble

The CVK 350 poker analyzer is the latest poker cheating device in the year of 2015. This device has the high efficiency to cheat compared with other poker analyzers. It can be used for many poker games. Today, I will share it in your Flush gamble. 
The CVK 350 poker analyzer can be all-in-one device or just a poker analyzer. Today, I will introduce the former in your Flush cheating. The all-in-one CVK 350 poker analyzer has its built-in camera lens so there is no need for you to add the other camera to work with it. And it is a real cell phone, so the common usages of cell phones can be available. In Flush, the poker analyzer will read the side marked cards with 100% accuracy and decode the codes of cards. Within 0.1S, it will report the best winner hand, second winner hand or each poker hand to you. Knowing the winner hand before the cards face up, you are able to play well in the betting round or fold without any risk. 
In addition to the Flush cheat, the CVK 350 poker analyzer can be used in Texas Holdem, Andar Bahar, Omaha and many other games. Just contact us if you have an interest.