Camera Lenses for Cards Cheating with Wholesale Price

The camera lenses can be excellent for reading the invisible ink marked cards at poker gambling cheat. They play important roles in increasing poker cheating winning odds. In this article, I will share our different types of camera lens for you different poker cheating needs. 
The camera lenses can be classified into three kinds. There are camera lens for poker analyzer system, spy camera for back marked cards, laser camera for laser marked cards. These camera lenses are useful for cards cheating devices at many poker cheating games. In terms of poker analyzer system, there are short distance camera whose scanning distance is within 90cm and long distance camera that can scan cards at the distance of 1 to 6 meters to meet your cheating needs. In order to read the cards in a secret and effective manner, the camera can be disguised as a routine item in our daily life such as a mobile phone,, a lighter or a shirt button. With this excellent device for reading cards clearly and speedily, you will finish the whole cheating in a sooth and efficient way. These camera lens can be sold for wholesale if you need in bulk, and we will give you a wholesale price possibly. 
The camera lenses for cards playing games are excellent, and they are HD camera, so that the invisible marks or bar codes on cards can be read with 100% accuracy. If you want to know more camera lenses about further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!