Camera Lenses for Poker Analyzer System

In terms of distance scanning of camera lenses in poker analyzer system, we can classify the lenses into the short distance camera and long distance camera. They are excellent for poker cheating. I will specify them in the flowing sections. 
The poker analyzer camera lenses are specially designed for reading the barocde marked cards in poker analyzer system at card playing gambling cheat. The distance scanning of short distance camera is with 90cm and that of the long distance camera can be 1-6 meters. If you have special requirements, any one can be customized according to your needs. Used in poker cheating, they can be fixed inside many our routine items such as a car key, a lighter, a cell phone or a TV, in order to help us to cheat secretly. During working, the camera should work with a poker analyzer and any kind of poker analyzers can be available like K20 poker analyzer or K30 poker analyzer. With the camera lens for your analyzer system, you are able to operate your cheating more successfully. 
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