Camera Lenses for Reading Barcode Marked Cards

There are different types of camera lenses for poker playing gambling cheat like spy camera for back marked cards and camera lenses for barcode marked cards. In this article, I will share the latter ones at poker games.
The analyzer camera lenses for reading the barcode marked cards can be classified into short distance camera and long distance camera. The scanning distance of short distance camera one is within 90cm and that of long distance one can range 1meter to 6 meters. For the purpose of operating a concealable poker cheat, the camera can be disguised as a car key, a lighter, a cell phone or other routine items. These camera lenses for poker analyzer system have strong ability to read the marked cards with 100% accuracy and then will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed. Besides, we accept your special customization, so just tell us your requirements and we will try our best to design the camera as you expect.
The camera lenses to read the barcode marked cards in poker analyzer can meet your more needs under different poker cheating conditions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in them!