Car Key Mini Camera for Poker Analyzer

The car key camera is a good device for poker analyzer. With this light and mini camera lens in your poker game, you will enjoy a happy game. Now, let me specify it in the following description.

First of all, the mini camera has been fixed inside the car key secretly. The car key can be a model or your own car key. Second, the car key mini camera is a HD camera. Used in poker cheat, the camera can read the
marked cards at any angle even in a dark light. Last but not least, this camera need to work with the side marked cards and a poker analyzer. With the powerful reading function, the camera is able to read the marked cards with 100% accuracy and send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding. In addition, the car key mini camera is suitable for all kinds of poker analyzers in the world.

If you have an intent of choosing a good camera for your poker analyzer, the car key mini camera lens is wonderful one.