Car Key Poker Scanner for Side Marked Cards

The poker scanner for poker analyzer system is specially designed to read side marked cards in order to enhance poker winning in an easier manner. For the purpose of secret poker cheating, the scanner can be fixed in our daily items like a lighter, a lamp, a mobile phone or a car key. In this paper, I will share the car key poker scanner to read the side marked cards accurately.
The car key poker scanner is very portable when you carry it into cards playing occasions. With its common usage, other players will not pay attention to it. The camera lens is extremely mini and convenient. Used at poker games, it will read the barcode marked cards speedily and accurately, and then will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer at a high speed. Finally, the analyzer is able to analyze the results you need. The scanning distance of the scanner can be within 70cm so that you are available for choosing the suitable reading distance for your poker cheat. Besides, it is a HD scanner. Thus, the cards can be read with 100% accuracy even under dark light.
In addition to the finished products, we will have an extensive custom service. If you have other requirements, just tell us and we will design as you need!