Cards Printer for Marking Cards Perfectly

The cards printer is a very high-tech device for marking cards perfectly. The various marked poker cards supplied in market are mainly marked by this magic printer. In order to give you a further understanding about this printer, I will share it as follows: 
The cards printer is known for its high technology to mark cards perfectly. The marked cards printed by it can be classified into three types: back marked cards for IR readers, side marked cards for poker analyzers and back marked cards for spy camera lenses reading. The marks printed  on cards can stay on a long time and they will not be erased easily. With the marked cards at poker games, you will win as much as you can. The printer can print cards about 60 decks in one hour. With our experienced cards marking skills, the cards still keep good shape and great hand feel as original ones. With this device, you can mark cards with mass production. 
If you are interested in marking cards by yourselves, please feel free to contact us for more details!