Cheat in Poker with Marked Playing Cards

We can process regular playing cards into two types of marked playing cards: back marked playing cards and edge marked playing cards. Here in this article, we are gonna introduce you how to cheat in poker with them.

To cheat in poker with back marked playing cards, you need to seek assistance from perspective glasses -- contact lenses or sunglasses. We usually use such invisible ink as IR ink and luminous ink to mark regular playing cards on the backs. The marks we print on the cards are capable of staying unfading as long as 2 years. They will not cause any chromatic aberration to the marked playing cards. The patterns of the marks can be designed according to your requirements.

By wearing our poker perspective glasses, you can clearly see corresponding invisible back marks.

To cheat in poker with edge marked playing cards, you need to get help from poker analyzer. We usually make edge marked playing cards with such invisible ink as infrared ink and laser ink. The marks can also stay unfading as long as 2 years and the edge marked playing cards have no chromatic aberration compared with their original playing cards in spite of the marks. The poker analyzer can tell you who will get the best poker hand before dealing cards immediately after its internal or external poker camera scans the edge marked playing cards.

If you want to cheat in poker with our back marked playing cards or edge marked playing cards, welcome to contact us!