Cheat in Poker with Poker Analyzer System

Poker analyzer system has been used by many poker players all over the world to cheat in poker. The whole system usually includes several parts: a poker analyzer, an external poker camera, barcode marked cards and an earpiece.

After the external poker camera scans the barcode marked cards, the poker analyzer will tell you who will be the winner before dealing cards through the earpiece.

Some of the the latest poker analyzers like AKK K4, K5 and A1 are available from our company. In addition to predicting who will be the biggest poker winner, these poker analyzers can also report poker results in other forms, like telling you the first and second winner or telling you the rank of each poker hand.

You can approach us for an external camera disguised as such common items as power bank, car key, cigarette box, water bottle, watch, wallet and so on.

We can provide you with our own barcode marked cards of various brands, including Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, Copag, Fournier, Modiano and so on. But if you want us to process your regular playing cards into barcode marked cards, we can satisfy your demand as well.

If you intend to cheat in poker with poker analyzer system, welcome to contact us!