Cheating Mahjong Tiles with Invisible Marks

Our company sells two types of cheating Mahjong tiles, one is those marked by invisible ink and the other is those installed with a microchip.

To make the former, we usually mark regular Mahjong tiles on one, two or three sides with such invisible ink as infrared ink and luminous ink. In spite of the marks, there is no chromatic aberration between the original Mahjong tiles and the marked ones.

Both the infrared marks and luminous marks are invisible to human naked eyes and you only can see them by wearing our corresponding poker perspective glasses -- contact lenses or sunglasses. So, if you want to use our invisible ink marked Mahjong tiles to cheat in Mahjong gambling, don’t forget about the poker perspective glasses.

If you want to win money in Mahjong games by using our cheating Mahjong tiles with invisible marks, welcome to contact us!