Cheating Sunglasses for Back Marked Cards

Cheating sunglasses available from our company have three functions: making you look cool, preventing other poker players from reading any information in your eyes, and enabling you to see through back marked cards.

If you want to cheat in poker with sunglasses, we can provide you with three choices: IR sunglasses, UV sunglasses and luminous sunglasses, which are made of plastic with special material. They are available in fashionable and classic styles, suitable for man and women.

Marks printed on card backs with IR ink, UV ink and luminous ink are invisible to human naked eyes, but as long as you wear the corresponding sunglasses, you can clearly see the back marks.

Wearing our cheating sunglasses for back marked cards while playing poker, you don’t need to worry about the micro-expressions in your eyes revealing your psychological states.

Our cheating sunglasses for back marked cards are available in different colors, including red, blue, brown etc.. If you are interested in our IR/UV/luminous sunglasses, welcome to contact us!