Cigarette Box Barcoded Playing Cards Scanner

Apart from lighter and ashtray, our cigarette box is also a good choice as a barcoded playing cards scanner for the poker players who like to smoke cigarettes while playing poker.
Scanning distance:
The scanning distance between the poker camera and barcoded playing cards is 20 to 40cm.
Scanning ability:
The poker camera can scan barcoded playing cards quickly, collect all the cards’ information accurately and transfer the collected data to a poker analyzer immediately -- CVK, AKK, PK King or MDA...
Good concealment:
The poker camera hidden in each cigarette box is completely concealable, impossible to be discovered by anyone else.
Different Choices:
( 1 ) soft cigarette box/hard cigarette box
( 2 ) ChungHwa cigarette box/Furong Wang cigarette box/Shuangxi cigarette box

If you want to buy our cigarette box barcoded playing cards scanner, welcome to contact us!