Copag Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards for IR Lenses

The marked cards have secretly used in poker cheating or magic shows. In order to meet more people’s needs for different brands of marked cards. In the following article, I will share the Copag invisible ink marked playing cards for the IR contact lenses reading. 
The Copag invisible ink marked playing cards are printed with letters or numbers on the corners or middle of cards on the back. Those invisible marks on the back of cards can not be read by our naked eyes and only our special IR lenses can recognize them. In addition, the plastic or paper cards can be marked perfectly by us. During in gambling, if you wear the IR contact lenses, you are capable of reading the suits and points of cards even if they face down while others can not read. With this good chance to know the poker face in advance, the following poker sections can be mastered easily under your control. In the end, your winning will be increased largely.
In addition, your cards can be customized by us. If you have an interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about marked playing cards.