Copag Jumbo Index 4 Corner Marked Cards for IR Contact Lense

Copag Jumbo index 4 corner plastic marked card is a kind of common marked cards in poker gambling cheat. Those marked cards are specially processed by us, which can help you cheat with good concealment and more winning odds. In the following sections, I will specify them.
The Copag Jumbo Index playing cards are printed with the small numbers on four corners of cards. They are special for the IR contact lenses reading. The paper Copag playing cards or plastic ones can be marked perfectly by us. If you play the poker games with the Copag Jumbo index 4 corner plastic marked cards, you can know the poker face in advance from the lenses while other players fail to. By using those magic marked cards, you are able to make a betting with more odds. Of course, your losses will be lowered to the bottom line. At the end of the game, you will be the biggest winner in games. 
If you have special requirements, we are capable of designing the marked cards as you need. Please have a try to use those marked cards to enhance your winning!