Copag Marked Poker Playing Cards

The Copag Poker Playing Cards are widely used by many poker players. If have an intent of winning the games with a rapid way, the Copag marked poker playing cards will help you much.

The Copag marked poker playing cards look no difference form the common poker cards in appearance. The special feature of those marked cards is that they are printed with the luminous inks on the back and our naked eyes cannot read them. The IR contact lenses or
IR sunglasses are special for reading the invisible ink marked cards. If you play the games with the Copag marked poker playing cards, you will know the poker face of each card from the IR lenses. Knowing the suits and points of cards in advance, you are able to play cautiously or make a right betting in the following sections. In the end, you will have more chances to win or avoid your losses to the bottom line.

The Copag marked poker playing cards offer an easily and secret way to master the poker games with more odds. Meanwhile, they can be customized if you need.