Custom Camera Lens for Poker Analyzer

We ate able to offer you various kinds of camera lenses for your consideration. In addition to the finished products, the camera can be specially customized by our company. We are able to customize the camera as you requirements.
The custom camera lens for poker analyzer can be excellent for gamble cheat. First of all, you can choose the camera fixed inside the items you like such as a car key, a clock or a TV. Second, according to your card playing cheating needs, the camera can be short distance camera or long distance camera. Third, the scanning distance of camera lens can be an appropriate range like 20-40cm, or a fixed figure. Finally, the camera can be one-to-one for your poker analyzer if you have a need. All in all, the custom camera lens is capable of meeting your further needs at poker games. If you have any other requirement, please tell us. 
If you have a need for our custom camera lens, please feel free to contact us for more information. I believe you will like it so much.