Custom Car Key Hidden Camera

The car key camera is very useful and excellent for the poker analyzers. Its small size and light on weight can be carried easily and conveniently. Besides the finished products, we also have an extensive customization service for your choice. The car key camera can be customized by our company in accordance with your needs.

First, your can choose the brand of car key to be processed by us. The car key can be a car key model or a real car key as you like. Second, the poker cheat camera inside the car key can be customized. You can choose one or two camera lenses to fix inside the car key. Third, the scanning distance of car key camera can be done within 90cm or a specific figure under different card playing occasions. Last, the signal of cards transmitted by the
car key hidden camera to the poker analyzer can be specially set for your poker analyzer so that others signal receivers fail to analyze it. The custom car key poker cheat hidden camera can meet your more specific requirements under different conditions, so your poker cheat can be operated more successfully.

If you take an interest in our custom car key hidden camera, just tell us your needs. We promise that we can design the perfect one as you expect.