Custom Clock Long Distance Camera

In poker analyzer system, there are two kind of camera lenses as regards the scanning distance. One is short distance camera and the other is long distance camera. Those camera can be fixed in many items and be customized by our company. I will share our custom clock long distance for you.

First, we can offer you clock or you can send your own clock to be processed by us. Second, the
camera lens inside the clock can be one, tow or more. Third, the scanning distance of the clock camera can be a proper range like 1-6 meters or a fixed figure according to your best cheating distance. In addition, the custom long distance camera can be suitable for any kind of poker analyzers in the world. And if you want that it is a one-to-one camera for your poker analyzer, we can set for you. So others readers can not read the marked cards. The custom clock long distance camera will meet your more cheating needs and it will help you finish the poker cheat more perfectly.

If you have an interest in our custom clock long distance camera or other custom services, please don’t hesitate to tell us your needs and we are able to design perfect one for your poker cheat.