Custom Hidden Camera for Better Poker Cheat

There are many kinds of poker cheat cameras for poker gambling. Maybe, most of the cameras you use are purchased directly from us. But we can also customize the special poker cheat camera  for you as you require. The custom hidden camera can meet your further needs and cheat more successfully and secretly in gambling cheat.  

poker cheat camera can be customized by us. We can do the short distance camera and long distance camera for you. The scanning distance of short distance camera is within 90cm and it can be fixed in many small things like a car key or a lighter. The short distance can be built in a TV or a water dispenser and its scanning distance can reach at the range of 6 meters. Whether the short distance camera or the long distance camera, they are able to meet different needs under different occasions and places. In addition to this, the camera can be customized with the specific scanning distance. Those poker cheat camera are available for all kinds of poker analyzers and offer you more secret ways to cheat.

If you want to customize the hidden poker cheat camera, just tell us your specific needs. We will design perfectly in line with your requirement. Just contact us if you have a demand for it.