Customized Short Distance Camera Lenses

The short distance camera is widely used in poker playing cheating. It can be fixed in many small size of our routine items like a car key, a lighter or a cell phone. Besides the finished camera for your choices, we also accept your special customization about the camera.

First of all, you can choose the item you like to fix a
camera lens inside. Second, the camera can be more than one to hide inside you item. One, two or more can be fixed as you need. Last, the scanning distance camera can be a appropriate range like 5-10cm, 20-40cm, or a fixed scanning figure. The short distance camera should work with the poker analyzer and side marked cards. With the HD powerful function to read the side marked cards, it will scan the marked cards with 100% accuracy. The short distance camera is useful for many poker games like Texas Holdem, Blackjack and Omaha.

If you have an interest in our custom short distance camera, please tell us your needs. We can design perfect one in line with your requirements.