Do You Know Some Marked Cards Tricks

Poker cards are the easier products to be processed to poker cheating devices. It is hard to be found by other poker players. Do you know some marked cards tricks?

Marked cards trick is using marked cards with other poker cheating products to help you win money. This is safe and hard to be found by other poker players. And the marked cards are similar with the regular poker cards. Marked cards can be with poker analyzers, poker camera, cheating poker shoes, automatic cheating shuffler, IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses and IR spy camera. And any brands of poker cards could be processed to marked cards. We accept custom. There are two marked cards: barcode marked cards and back marked cards. For the barcode, we print those barcodes on the two length edges. These barcodes could not be read by naked eyes, only you can use the poker cameras, such as lighter camera, car key camera or USB cable camera. For the back marks, you need to choose IR sunglasses, IR spy camera or IR contact lenses.
Marked cards are good devices for poker gambling. Have you ever used them before? Our company sells other poker cheating products, welcome for visiting.