Excellent Poker Analyzer Clock Long Distance Camera Lens

The poker analyzer long camera lens can be hidden inside many routine items like a TV, a water dispenser or a wall picture. In this article, I will share our excellent poker analyzer clock long distance camera lens for your successful poker analyzer system gambling cheat. 
There is no doubt that a poker analyzer long distance camera lens fixed secretly inside the clock and nobody will find it at all. Enjoying a good position on wall, the clock long distance camera lens is capable of reading the barcode marked cards clearly at any angle. Used in cheating, it should be operated with a poker analyzer. After reads the marked cards, it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer at a high speed. Within seconds, you will know the poker result you need by mini earpiece. The camera is suitable for all poker analyzers all over the world such as K20 poker analyzer and latest CVK 350 poker analyzer. Besides, if you have special needs, we accept your customization as well.
If you take an interest in our excellent poker analyzer clock long distance camera lens, please feel free to contact us for further information.