Excellent Short Distance Hidden Camera in Analyzer System

The poker analyzer system is very powerful among poker cheating devices. The short distance camera plays a very important role in poker analyzer system. If you use it in your poker games, you must be satisfied with it.

The short distance hidden camera can be fixed inside many routine items like a lighter or a car key. It can scan the side marked cards within 90cm. When we fix the short camera inside a object, you will find that it is very secret to cheat in games. Besides, it can scan the side marked cards clearly and send the signal of cards at a high speed to the poker analyzer decoding. The short distance camera can be customized by our company. We will design the perfect one in accordance with your specific requirements. When you play the game, you can put the short distance camera like a
lighter camera on the poker table, it can work very efficiently and successfully in the poker cheat. Besides, it is the HD poker cheat camera, you can feel free to use it at your games.

If you use the poker analyzer in your cheat, besides the short distance camera, the poker analyzer and side marked cards are also excellent for your choices. If you have an interest in any of them, just call or email us.