Excellent Shuffler for Baccarat Poker Cheat

The shuffler is very commonly used in Baccarat poker game. It can not only shuffle cards but also offer you a secret way to cheat in Baccarat cheating.

Baccarat shuffler has been processed specially by our company. We have fixed a fiber lens inside and it can scan the non-marked cards. This is the biggest difference from other poker cheat camera lenses that need the processed marked cards work with. After the fiber lens scan the cards, it will turn the poker faces into the digital numbers that will be sent to the computer or special cell phone analyzing and then you will know the Banker will win or the Player will win in the game. Using this shuffler, there are two kind choices. One is for short distance cheating and the other is long distance cheating. In terms of the short distance operation, the whole cheating includes
a shuffler with Bluetooth equipment and a cell phone to receive data. And for long distance, there is a shuffler, a phone to send data, the other phone to receive data by SIM card and computer to analyze the data. With the excellent shuffler for your Baccarat poker cheat, you will win the game easily.

If you take an interest in this excellent Baccarat poker cheating device, please contact us for more details.