Excellent X-ray Dice Scanner for Cheating

The dice scanner is very excellent in dice cheating. If you want to have a secret way to cheat, it is a good choice for your conference. Now, I will specify this device as follows.

First of all, the dices or dice cover don’t need to be processed so that is is very convenient for you to cheat. Second, the
X-ray dice scanner is able to see through many materials of cover like iron, ceramic or steel, so it has the extensive practicability in cheating. Second, the X-ray scanner can be fixed in your belongings that can be carried in card playing rooms like a bag or a wallet. Last as well as the most important point, the dice scanner has the strong capability of seeing through the dice cover to read the dices, and then will send the signal to the TV with dice cheating software on the background. From the screen, your supporter will tell you the points you need. With this excellent dice scanner in your games, you will have more chances to lay a big betting and win with more odds.

If you need, please don’t hesitate tell us your needs, and we also accept your special customization.