First Rate KEM Marked Playing Cards

As we know, KEM marked poker playing card is the most difficult card to be marked among all poker playing cards. Equipped with sophisticated technique, our company is able to process the first rate KEM marked playing cards for your gambling cheating. 
In terms of the materials of cards, there are paper KEM marked playing cards and Plastic ones. No matter which kind of materials is, we can mark perfectly. For cheating functions, we can classify the KEM marked cards into two cards: back marked cards and Barcode marked cards for poker analyzer camera lens reading. The back marked cards can be divided into invisible ink marked cards for IR contact lenses reading and back marked cards for spy camera. All kinds of KEM marked cards are perfect for you to master the poker gambling easily and secretly. The first rate cards processed by us will keep good hand feel and slippy sides of original cards. And other players will not find any difference from the common cards. 
If you have special needs, we also accept your custom service. Please use those powerful cards to enhance your winning!