Fournier 1-40 Spanish Poker Size Regular Index Marked Cards

Fournier q-40 Spanish classic deck is thick and glossy card with vibrant colors. There are red and blue colors printed brilliantly on backs. They are the playing cards with poker size regular index. The boxed deck includes 40 cards with red backs or blue backs. Unlike Anglo-French decks (e.g., poker or bridge decks), which have 52 cards and diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades for suits, this deck has ten numbered cards in suits called clubs, coins, cups and and swords. Spanish playing cards are used to play traditional Spanish and Latin American games, such as Mus, Briscas and Tute. In poker gambling cheat, this brand of cards can be specially processed into the marked poker games. In this paper, let me share our Fournier 1-40 Spanish poker size regular index marked cards at your poker gambling. 
There are four types of Fournier 1-40 Spanish poker size regular index marked cards for your inference under different poker cheating conditions. According to your needs, it is good for you to choose suitable ones for games. These marked cards are back marked cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards for spy camera and laser marked cards for laser spy camera. No matter which marked cards you use, they will give you a hand to win poker games to the largest extent. Let me specify them respectively as follows:
Fournier 1-40 Back Marked Cards for IR/UV Readers 
Fournier 1-40 back marked cards printed with the invisible marks on cards by the invisible ink pen or high-tech printer can be ideal for simple and effective poker gambling cheat. The marks represent suits and values are readable from our special IR/UV readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses. They have capability to read the marks clearly. Knowing the poker face before the cards face up, you will get a good chance to play well each poker section. It is worthwhile to mention that the contact lenses. They are best devices for reading the marked cards in a secret and effective way. They will not change your original eyes’ color and will not do any harm to your eyes even if you wear them up to 8 hours. There are different diameters of lenses for your choices, which range from 4mm to 12 mm, so it is available for you to choose suitable ones for your gambling. By using these devices, winning will be enhanced to the largest extent. 
Fournier 1-40 Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer System 
Fournier 1-40 barcode marked cards are printed with the invisible bar codes on edges. Like invisible marks, these bar codes are unrecognized by our naked eyes. Used for poker gambling, they are for camera lens reading and poker analyzer decoding at poker analyzer system. Usually, the camera lens will be fixed in items in our daily life such as a car key, a mobile phone or a TV so as to operate the poker cheating in a concealable way. With its powerful reading function, the bar codes on cards can be read by it with 100% accuracy at a high speed. Then, the information of cards will be sent to the poker analyzer that has strong ability to decode the bar codes and analyze the poker result you need. With the poker analyzer system for your poker games, you will be able to know the poker results before dealing cards. Thus, you will take this good advantage to play sensibly and confidently at each betting round. In the end, winning will be increased as largely as possible. 
Fournier 1-40 Back Marked Cards for Spy Camera Lens 
The Fournier 1-40 back marked cards are specially designed for spy camera lens reading. These marked cards can not be recognized by IR/UV readers so that the poker cheat can be operated secretly. Used at poker games, the camera can be hidden in a lamp, a belt or a wall picture to read the marked cards without any suspicion from other players. After reading the cards, the camera will send the information of cards to a TV on backstage. From TV screen, you will see the marks clearly. By using this way to play games, winning will be mastered more easily. Many poker games are available like Blackjack, Flush, Texas and Omaha. 
Fournier 1-40 Laser Marked Cards for Laser Spy Camera 
The Fournier 1-40 laser marked cards are latest marked cards for cheating secretly. With high technology and exquisite skills to mark them, many cards marking suppliers fail to mark this kind of cards. Therefore, used at pokers, they enjoy the advantage of good concealment. Other poker cards readers like analyzer camera lens or IR readers can not recognize these cards. These marked cards are special for laser spy camera reading. The laser spy camera is usually fixed in a lamp or a cell phone. The scanning of this camera can be 2-5cm or 2-3m so that it can not only meet short distance cheating but also serve for long distance poker cheat. After the camera reads the cards, it will send the information of cards to a TV on background. Then the marks will show on it clearly. With this good advantage to know the poker face before the cards face up, you will play each betting function sensibly and confidently. At the end of games, losses will be lowered to the bottom line. 
The Fournier 1-40 marked cards can be tactfully used at different poker cheat occasions. They are suitable for home games and casino gambling. In addition to finished marked poker cards, we have an extensive customization service. Please feel free to contact us for more details if you take an interest in them!