Fournier 2500 Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards Red

The Fournier 2500 decks made in Spain are 100% plastic playing cards. Made of exquisite 100% plastic, they are available to home players and casino gambling. This model is a poker-size, standard index deck with a mesmerizing back design in red. In poker gamble cheating, these cards as the marked playing cards can be utilized tactfully to accelerate winning.
In order to offer more useful and secret methods under different poker cheating occasions, we have developed and researched four kinds of marked cards for your consideration. They are back marked cards read by invisible ink readers, side marked cards for poker analyzer system cheat, back marked cards for spy camera recognizing and laser marked cards for laser spy camera. After marked, these decks still keep advantages of good hand feel and shape. With high quality, the cards with textured finish and smooth edges seem to be well constructed and printed. The colors are vivid and attractive. The face cards have a unique skin tone applied to them that makes them look a little classier than other cards. The diamonds and hearts use a darker shade of red. The blacks and reds are easy enough to differentiate between each other when on the table so that shouldn't be an issue. In order to give you a further understanding to know these marked cards, I will specify them in the following sections.
Fournier 2500 Back Marked Playing Cards for Invisible Ink Readers
The Fournier 2500 back marked playing cards are special for invisible ink readers recognizing. The decks marked with invisible marks on back, so they are unreadable from our naked eyes. The readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses. The marks standing for suits and points will be read clearly by these readers. With the help of these devices, you will gain more chances to master playing games under your control. It is worth of mentioning the contact lenses that are best suitable for reading the marked cards. With good concealment, they will not be suspected by other players at all. Besides, with good effect, the cards can be read with 100% accuracy at a longer distance. There are different pupil’ diameters of lenses for your options. They range from 4mm to 12mm so that you can choose the suitable ones for your eyes. Furthermore, they will not bring any side effect to your eyes even if you wear them up to 8 hours. There is no need to worry that they will change your eyes’ color because they are tailored to different eyes’ colors. Thus, just try them and you will be content with them so much.
Fournier 2500 Side Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer System
The Fournier 2500 side marked playing cards for poker camera lens reading and poker analyzer decoding at poker analyzer system cheat. They are printed with the invisible bar codes on edges and can not be identified by our naked eyes as well. For a purpose of a secret cheating, the camera lens can be fixed in a items in our daily life. The item can be a lighter, a car key or a clock. Reading the cards clearly at a high speed, the camera will send the cards’ bar codes to the poker analyzer that is powerful to analyze the poker result without any mistake. The poker analyzer can report different forms of poker result in line with settings. For example, it is able to read the biggest winner hand, the second winner hand, each player’s ranking hand or flop with 100% accuracy at Texas Holdem. By using this excellent system, winning will be enhanced to the largest extent.
Fournier 2500 Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera
The Fournier 2500 back marked playing cards for spy camera lenses reading are another back marked cards. The IR or UV readers fail to read them so that they will help you cheat by means of another secret way. The spy camera lenses reading these marked cards can be fixed in a lamp or a belt. Hidden in a concealable manner, it will not arouse others’ attention at all. Reading the back marked cards, it will send the signal to the TV on background so that you are able to see the marks on back clearly. The marks representing suits or points will be readable for you and then you will decide how to play well in the following sections. In the end, winning will be enhanced strongly.
Fournier 2500 Laser Marked Playing Cards for Laser Spy Camera
The Fournier 2500 laser marked cards are specially designed for laser spy camera lenses reading. Adopted the high technology and skill, these marked cards are unreadable from IR/UV readers. With this good advantage, other players can not recognize the marks even if they wear a pair of IR contact lenses. The marks on back of laser marked cards indicating the suits and values can be read clearly by the laser camera. Reading the cards speedily, the spy camera will send the poker signal to a TV, and then the poker face will show on screen accurately so that you can play the following poker sections more cautiously and confidently by knowing the result.
The Fournier 2500 marked playing cards offer you many secret ways to cheat successfully. In addition, your poker cards can be processed by us. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in them!