Fournier 505 Marked Playing Cards Red & Blue

Fournier 505 is one of the preferred cards for magicians around the world. In poker gambling cheat, they can be specially processed into the marked playing cards for winning easily. There are Fournier 505 marked playing cards with different types to meet poker gamblers under different poker playing occasions. In this paper, I will share four main kinds of this brand of marked playing cards at games.
Fournier 505 playing cards made in Spain by Heraclio Fournier are one of the prefered cards for magicians around the world. For poker gambling cheat, they can be designed as the back marked cards to be read by IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards read by spy camera and laser marked cards for laser spy camera recognizing. Even marked, these marked cards still keep features of good hand feel and shape. This kind of cards is a standard deck, but cards are 0.6mm shorter than usual. These can be used to make Mene Tekel decks, multi-trick decks, used by longer card and more. Not only these cards are incredible versatile, and the 505's line is perfect for any professional magician or cads player. There are these cards with red backs and blue backs. In order to help you know more details, I will specify these cards with their corresponding devices in the following sections.
Fournier 505 Back Marked Playing Cards for IR/UV Readers
Fournier 505 back marked playing cards marked with invisible marks on back will be excellent for easy poker cheating. The marks standing for suits and values will be seen from the IR/UV readers. The readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses are able to assist you reading the marks clearly. By using theses devices, you can know the poker faces of next cards even if the cards face down. In playing games, you will play each poker section more confidently to lower your losses to the bottom line. It is worthwhile to mention the contact lenses that are ideal devices for reading the invisible ink marked cards with good effect and concealment. They are harmless to your eyes and will not change your original eyes’ color too much. And many eyes’ colors are suitable for this kind of lenses like blue eyes, green eyes, black eyes and gray eyes. In addition, there are different sizes of pupils for your options. The colored diameters can be 4mm to 12 mm so that you can select one pair for your eyes. With the contact lenses for your gambling, the games can not only be mastered easily but also will be played pleasantly.
Fournier 505 Barcode Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer System
Printed with invisible bar codes on edges, the Fournier 505 barcode marked playing cards are for camera lens reading and poker analyzer decoding. The poker analyzer system consists of four parts: a camera lens, a poker analyzer, barcode marked cads and a mini earpiece. For a secret poker cheat, the camera lens can be hidden inside our routine items such as a car key, a lighter, a mobile phone or a clock to read the marked cards without any suspect from others. The camera lens can read the cards accurately and speedily and then will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that has strong ability to decode the bar codes and analyze the result you need within 0.1S through mini earpiece. The poker analyzer can not only report the direct winner hand, but also tell you suits and points of cards one by one. Knowing the poker result in advance, you are able to play following poker sections in a confident and cautious manner. In the end, winning will be enhanced to the largest extent.
Fournier 505 Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Readers
This kind of marked playing cards is special to be read by the spy camera. They are different the marked cards for IR/UV readers recognizing so that these readers can not read the the Fournier 505 back marked playing cards for spy camera reading. The camera can be fixed in a lamp, a belt or other articles in our daily life to read the cards with good concealment. Reading the cards clearly, it will work in a highly effective way and then the information of cards will be sent by the transmitter to a TV on background. Thus, you will clearly read the marks on back of cards on TV screen. The marks representing poker faces will tell you the result of next card in advance. With this good advantage, there is no big problem for you to make a betting sensibly or fold it without any risk.
Fournier 505 Laser Marked Playing Cards for Laser Spy Camera
The Fournier 505 laser marked playing cards for laser spy camera lens are the latest cards cheating devices. They are unreadable from IR/UV readers or spy camera. The ink is laser ink so that other common readers fail to read. In order to operate a secret poker cheat, the camera will be disguised as a common item around us such as a lamp, a mobile phone or a clock. The scanning distance of this camera can be 2-5cm or 2-3 meters, so it can meet you short distance cheating and long distance one at the same time. When you play the game, the camera lens will read cards accurately and then will send the information of cards to a TV on backstage. On TV screen, you will read the marks clearly. Thus, you are able to know the poker faces before the cards face up. As a result, the winning will be enhanced largely.
The Fournier 505 marked playing cards can be customized as well. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in them!